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 Ambassador Program FAQ


What is the sundays Ambassador Program?

The sundays Ambassador Program is an initiative to help spread wellness by getting sundays non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free products stocked in more salons and spas around the globe and locally. For every business that you  successfully connect us with, you will receive a $30 sundays gift card.



What do you mean by 'successfully connect'?

That you provide sundays with an email/phone introduction to connect with the key decision maker in that salon business. 


Why did you choose me?

We have specially selected a very small number of people from the sundays community, who align with our values (and we just think is generally pretty awesome!) Whether it’s been in-studio, or online, we’ve noticed the support you’ve given us, and think you’d be a wonderful person to join forces with.


Do I have to live in America to be involved?

No! We’re trying to spread the word as far as possible, so any place (near or far) is cool with us.


Do I have to come to the sundays studios/offices?

No! This will all be done remotely, so there will be no need for you to come to New York City.


What does the product pack contain?

The product pack will contain some helpful information and some sundays products - Base Coat, Top Coat, and one color polish. This will ensure you have everything you need to share sundays with your chosen businesses. You can keep these polishes yourself, and we will send more to the salon once we have been introduced and talked to them.


What kind of businesses should I approach?

We are looking to join forces with like minded businesses. This means salons and spas who are passionate about wellness, beauty, and conscious-living.


What happens if no store/salon I approach takes the product?

That’s okay! Not to worry, you can keep any products you received. Thanks for trying.


Do I get paid to be an Ambassador?

You will receive a $30 Gift Card for every business you have directly connected us with.